First Trek of this monsoon – Tadiandamol

Tadiandamol is the highest peak in Kodagu (coorg) district of Karnataka, India. Located in Western Ghats range its a place of interest for hikers & naturalists. You
can find Nalaknad Palace ( meaning 4 villages) at the foothills which is 25 KM from Virajpet town.

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We were a team of avid trekkers reached foothills around saturday midnight. started to trek from Nalaknadu palace, the trail was well marked started with a tarmac road for
almost two kilometers. By the time we reached the end of Tarmac road we found a resort on the left hand side with Y intersection. Taking extreme left lead towards the peak. I have no idea where the other path leads you 😉

Hair-raising steep, entered thick vegetation lush green forest with hand held and head mount torches along with our new Garmin GPS device. We were able to sense the
sound of the insects, the sound echoed leaving a strange feeling. We followed a lane discipline and trudged along slowly. After almost 4 hours of trek we reached
grassland where we found flat surface to pitch our tents and by just 200 meters away we found water stream.

The first view of early morning we were awestruck by the mighty of nature. cotton clouds floating across the blue sky the landscape full of lush green forest, bird calls, we were covered with mist to top it we were served with a cup of hot tea prepared by one of our friend definitely it called for a toast.

_DSC4723 _DSC4753 _DSC4810 _DSC4833 _DSC4839 _DSC4878 _DSC4887 _DSC4933 _DSC4943

We had to cover another 2 KM from campsite to reach the summit, excluding two of our friends everyone were eager to trek to summit, geared up with gadgets Go-Pro was head mounted, hand picked snacks and started following the trail after almost an hour and half we reached the summit passing through a thin vegetation. The peak got completely covered with mist within 10 minutes the time we reached on the peak, the visibility was very less we managed to take few pictures and returned back to our

Food was prepared by the time we reached the campsite, It’s hard to believe we managed to carry a small gas stove, vegetables, meat and prepared Pepper
chicken dry, rice, chicken gravy, salad, raitha(curd), pickle, and also carried a tin of rasgulla sweet to add up to desert. Since I was a veggie I had no choice other than to eat vegetable salad and lemon rice, the food was so delicious could not expect anything more than that, thanks to our friend who managed to cook food for a team of 9 trekkers .

By early evening we started to pack our things and started to trek downhill and reached the base camp by approx 8 PM.

Things to Carry:

Sweaters / pull overs / umbrella / packed food / 2 bottles of water / camping equipments if any plan to camp
Leach protection ( leach socks / salt )

Travel Co-ordinates to reach Tadiandamol

1. Bengaluru to Virajpet – 250 KM approx
2. Virajpet to Nalaknadu Bust stop – 23 KM
3. Nalknadu Bus stop to Nalaknadu Palace ( foot hills) – 3 KM
4. Foot hills to Campsite to Peak- 5 + 2 = 7 KM

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