Ride to Western Ghats

It was a long weekend me and my friend Kiran decided to go on a road trip to Western Ghats. I was working on this route plan for quite some time, shared the details with Kiran and he decided to join me on this trip. It was pre-monsoon we had geared up with rain suits the rain is pretty unpredictable in Western Ghats.

Day 1 : Bengaluru – Mullayangiri – Sringeri

We took off at 5 in the morning from Bengaluru started our journey towards Mullayangiri Peak which is approx 260+ KM. Our first pit stop was near Channarayapatna for breakfast, had Idly and coffee and resumed our journey, it was bright sunny day took one more pit stop to quench our thirst had tender coconut near Chikmaglore. Reached foot hills and paid the bike entry fee, started to climb the hill and road started getting narrowed, blind curves, single lane, stripped pavement, we stopped over in between to capture the almighty of nature and landscape and within a while we reached Mullayangiri.

Parked our bikes and started to hike towards tip of the peak which is approx 1 – 2 kilometers, the spectacular mountain scenery, the freezing weather, misty air at the peak left us with no words. Spent some time in the peak, captured few more photographs and started to Chikmaglore for lunch

Post lunch we checked map for our next destination which was Sringeri, we navigated the route and resumed our journey, the roads got challenging single lane highway, curvy and narrow roads, unpredictable over speeding vehicle encounters kept us super active during our ride, finally we reached Sringeri around 4 PM in the evening. Spent more than an hour in the Tunga river bank beside the temple feeding food to fishes, soaked our legs in water and got freshen up. We had plans to watch sunset in Agumbe, by the time we were about to depart sun was disappeared behind dark cloud and we got anxious getting stuck in rain, we quickly departed to one of our friends house which was approx 20 KM’s away from Sringeri by the time we reached it started to rain. They made us feel comfortable spent overnight at their residence, we were served with delicious home food, I loved the aroma of the spices and later we called off for the day.


Kiran's best click of this trip




DSC_0926 DSC_0930

My Favourite

My Favourite




Day 2 : Sringeri – Agumbe – Kudremukha – Dharmasthala

Today we tanked up fuel, our journey began towards Agumbe which is famous for its incredible sunset point in Karnataka. (Agumbe is also called Cherrapunji of the South) It also has rain forest which is famous for medicinal plants & hydroelectric power generation station. We passed by the view point captured few pictures, the hair pin bends merely connecting Agumbe to Karkala was yet another challenging track during our trip. We started to descend and took a pit stop near Karkala for refreshment.

Resumed our journey towards Kudremukha check post to reach Horanadu, we were stopped by forest check post officials they issued vehicle entry pass and started towards Horanadu. ( REMEMBER, THIS STRETCH HAS TIME LIMIT  YOU WILL HAVE TO REACH THE OTHER SIDE OF CHECKPOST WITHIN THE MENTIONED DURATION AND SUBMIT YOUR VEHICLE PASS ). The ride in the Kudremukh forest range was the highlight of our road trip, It was the gateway to heaven and one of the best stretch in the western ghats that I have ridden. Its a tarmac road with lush green forest, the scenic mountain of Kudremukha mountain range on green carpet with quite a few wildlife encounters. Riding in this stretch is truly a bliss and one would never be satisfied riding just once, took an exit from Kudremukha and reached our next destination Horanadu for lunch and rest.

After couple of hours we moved towards our next destination to call off for the day which was Dharmasthala, I would rate this route as the next beautiful stretch after Kudremukha for its intense scenic beauty and landscape, one could only feel it if your on bike or cycling or Hiking. Always remember to keep control on your speed as Western Ghats is prone for accidents and also you might encounter wildlife, snakes etc. We reached our destination by 6 PM and managed to find an accommodation, went to temple, finished dinner and called off our day.



Agumbe view point

Agumbe view point






Kudremukha National Park check post

Kudremukha National Park check post



Time to relaxxx

Time to relaxxx



Day 3 : Dharmasthala – Kukke – Coorg (Madikeri) – Dubare Elephant camp – Bengaluru

It was the final day of our ride a misty morning with low visibility on road, started towards Kukke which took approx an hour pulled over for breakfast at kukke. After breakfast we took a deviation towards Coorg, reached around 1 PM and stopped for lunch. We then had plans to visit Dubare Elephant camp which was again couple of hours of journey and reached around 4 PM. The water stream was pretty less crossed the river banks and went the other side of the river where they train elephants, elephant safari’s and also the place for Dubare camp guest houses. Spent some time captured few pictures and started our journey back towards Namma Bengaluru.

We covered approx 1200 KM in this Journey, carried away loads of memories and leaving behind many more happy miles to cover.


Dubare camping site

Dubare camping site


View from Dubare elephant camp training site

View from Dubare elephant camp training site


Travel Itenary:
Bengaluru- Chikmaglore – Mullayangiri – Sringeri – Agumbe – Kudremukh forest – Hornadu – Dharmasthala – Kukke – Madikeri – Dubare elephant camp – Bengaluru

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