Day trek to Madhugiri Fort

It’s our 2nd-day trek this season, we group of 4 decided to trek to this fort which was planned less than a week ago. The day kicked off really bad as it was pouring in most parts of Bengaluru and we were not sure if we will be able to make it this weekend. We took chance and started our drive around 5.15 AM towards Madhugiri which is approx 120+ KM from the city took a quick break for breakfast close to Dobbaspet town, we reached the foothills of Madhugiri fort around 8.30 in the morning which is just behind Madhugiri bus station.

Thankfully it had not rained for last 4-5 hours, the sky was clear, the footpath was dry and no sign of rain for next 4 hours at least which gave us a good window to scale the peak and return. Started to hike by capturing few pictures and within 10 minutes we were able to see an aerial view of the Madhugiri town from one of the watchtowers of the fort. This trek was full of surprises there are 3 gateways in the fort and the series of them will reach the peak and one will only realize there is 2nd once you reach the first gateway. The rock was slippery, we had to remove our shoes and walk barefoot for a certain distance to avoid any fall, recommended to wear a good hiking shoe for a better grip. The fort was deserted this weekend as most of them would have canceled their plan due to rain.

Finally, we reached atop, took rest for a while, captured few pics and reached back to the foothills by 12.30 in the noon.

Distance from Bangalore: 260 KM both sides
Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate
Nearest Town: Madhugiri
Trek Duration : 3 Hours both sides